CBR Smarter Enterprise Dining Club

You are invited to an evening of fine food and debate at one of the finest eating establishments in London, Bleeding Heart

Date: 5th Jul 2012

Venue: Bleeding Heart Yard, London

Bleeding Heart Restaurant offers modern French food, 'impeccable service', an award-winning 'encyclopedic' wine list and above all a uniquely welcoming ambience in a wonderfully historic setting.
The wine cellar is a unique Charming and Atmospheric Private Dining Room offering the warm hospitality and impeccable service for which Bleeding Heart is noted throughout the City.

In the modern business it often feels as though change is the only constant. Today's partner may be tomorrow's competitor, while cost and strategic business pressures mean that radical transformation or alternate sourcing of business or technology services is never far from the agenda.
Attend this CBR Dining Club to hear about some of the latest approaches and technologies that can help to deliver a more dynamic IT infrastructure, that is better able to support the business and which can help in turn to create a Smarter Enterprise.
Don't let technology be a constraining factor in your enterprise. Keep up with the pace and learn how to accelerate technology and business change, by bringing the concepts of the Smarter Enterprise to your private or public sector organisation.

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