Innovation in Content Mobility and Collaboration

Date: 20th Feb 2013

Venue: Rhodes 24, London

Rhodes Twenty four, Located on the 24th floor of the city of London's tallest building, Tower 42. Rhodes Twenty four is the latest offering from Britain's top chef, Gary Rhodes, and a 2005 Michelin Star winner. Rhodes Twenty four offers traditional British cuisine in an outstanding location in the heart of the city.

Organisations are always looking for new, innovative approaches to deal with the expansive growth of unstructured content, and to extract the full value of their data. Indeed the challenge has been made no easier by the rising complexity and pace of change in the IT infrastructure that underpins enterprise content storage and collaboration.

This CBR Dining Club will look at the reasons that enterprise content is changing - in terms of the type of content, and the speed with which it needs to be accessed, shared and processed. It will look at changes to the IT infrastructure that are affecting data management, such as virtualisation, and public, private and hybrid cloud computing. It will also ask what effect the Bring Your Own Device trend is having on enterprise content mobility and collaboration.

Finally, it will look at some of the latest innovations in content mobility and collaboration that can help an organisation to more effectively and efficiently handle their growing unstructured data needs.

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