Enterprise Mobility Forum

CBR invites you to discuss Crisis Communications with CSO David Kleidermacher.

Date: 18th May 2016

Venue: Hotel Café Royal, 68 Regent St, London W1B 4DY

Join BlackBerry’s CSO David Kleidermacher for an evening of informal discussion about some of the challenges facing your business in a world of not only cyber threats but physical ones too.

During the evening there will be experts on hand to discuss networked crisis communications and answer any questions about BlackBerry’s recent acquisition of AtHoc.

AtHoc is already safeguarding millions of people and thousands of organisations around the world and is a leader in crisis communications. Unifying crisis communication within and between organisations, their people, devices, and external entities, AtHoc enables leaders to make informed decisions that effectively protect the people and communities they care about.

The aim of the evening is to provide a relaxed forum in which to network, share business challenges and discuss best practice with your peers.

Please join us at Hotel Café Royal on Wednesday 18th May for informal presentations, drinks and a bite to eat from 18.30 onwards.

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