Mobile security for data, device and data centre - What is your strategy in a multi-platform world?

Date: 14th Jul 2016

Venue: The Savoy Hotel, Strand, London, WC2R 0EU

Mobile is not a future strategy. In every vertical from finance to Government today’s business expects device-based access to an ever expanding portion of corporate data and range of applications from inside and outside the firewall.

Productivity demands it.

In the performance led environment where customers always come first workers will circumvent IT policy and procedure by adopting unauthorised mobile practices to meet customer expectations.
Uncontrolled mobile use has the potential to become shadow IT on steroids.

The anecdotal evidence is everywhere. Healthcare workers downloading patient data onto personal tablets for home visits. Financial services professionals forwarding corporate and customer data to personal Gmail and Hotmail accounts in order to work remotely…the list goes on.

But is it possible to deploy a mobile strategy that empowers workers, improves productivity and raises customer satisfaction in a manner that does not expose the company to unacceptable security risk of data leakage, breaches and malicious and misadventure events?

The picture of today’s corporate mobile environment is ranges from those who see user choice as a mobility driver (think BYOD often to save capital cost) to others who are making commitments to particular device and OS roll outs.

Either path requires control and security of the data, management of the device and protection of the data centre. IT must establish and maintain control over mobile. Your job and company might depend on it.

Join CBR for this very special Dining Club with our host Blackberry for an in-depth business and technical discussion on the security challenges of today’s mobile enterprise. This event will provide strategic insight and key take-aways for building a secure mobile eco-system to your business.

CBR is delighted to present this Dining Club with Blackberry, the global leader in multi-platform mobile security.

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