Big Data and Analytics in Retail

Date: 14th Sep 2016

Venue: Claridges, Brook St, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

Shopping used to be a relatively simple transaction between customer and retailer. A customer came into a bricks-and-mortar store and paid for a product. Simple. However, technology has turned shopping on its head, with virtual marketplaces set to outpace bricks-and-mortar and mobile now giving customers access to the high-street whenever and wherever. The simple transaction has also been transformed, with retailers now gaining something new, and hugely valuable from customers – data.

Now, when customers visit online or in-store, they leave a trail of data behind them, data which can be leveraged by the retailer to maximise return on investment and boost profits. Data shines a light on customer demographics, identifies peak shopping hours, and highlights unique shopping patterns based on age, gender and time of the year. This data has enormous power, allowing retailers to strategically change and improve aspects of the shopping experience in order to increase the likelihood of customer spending more time and money online or in-store. Using data, retailers could change store layout to improve time spent in store, tailor ads or promotions to specific customers or change sales strategy to exploit the identified peak hours of trading.

But how can retailers capture and make sense of this ‘big’ data? In this exclusive CBR Dining Club, Dell EMC and Hortonworks will lead a discussion in how retailers can use enterprise-grade Hadoop to realise the huge benefits of a distributed computing platform. Insights will be given in how businesses can improve compliance, accelerate business insight and gain new efficiencies by harnessing scalable big data storage with analytics capabilities – it will be an evening not to be missed.

Set in the exclusive setting of Claridges, join CBR, Hortonworks and Dell EMC. This dinner will bring together CIOs, IT Directors and business leads for an evening of insightful discussion and informal networking. This is your chance to learn how to tap into the power of big data as the world of retail continues to be disrupted by innovation.

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