Accelerating ‘data-driven decision making’ to improve citizen engagement

Date: 21st Jun 2017

Venue: 1 Great George St, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA

In a digital world where real-time communication is the norm, data should sit at the heart of effective interactions between the citizen and government. But many government departments remain wedded to legacy systems that function in batch mode with fragmented data sets and proprietary interfaces.

The Government Transformation Strategy, published earlier this year, makes it clear that citizens should no longer feel as if they live at the convenience of the state. Old delivery methods – restricted by legacy technologies – will no longer suffice. In place of business-as-usual comes digital transformation. The strategy states: “The imperative is to change, therefore - and to do so at pace and at scale. This is the meaning of transformation.” Technology is not change. Technology facilitates change.

The partnership between Hortonworks and DELL EMC tackles such legacy issues. It applies modern methods to deliver the right information at the right time. In turn, this allows for citizen-based decision making. Such techniques can enrich traditional applications while enabling entirely new ones. Both the citizen and government stand to win by employing such powerful tools.

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